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Conventional wisdom has long held that MySQL was faster than PostgreSQL . The basic line was: Use MySQL for speed, PostgreSQL for features (past forum discussions on this can be found at Slashdot and Sitepoint). It seems, however, that this may be changing with the recent 8.x series of PostgreSQL. Recently on Tweakers.net, a popular Dutch and English tech site, the two databases were benchmarked on a computer with dual Intel Xeon 5160 processors. The evidence is compelling (MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.2). As the number of requests per second increases, MySQL starts to choke, peaking in concurrency at 8 instances and slumping afterward. PostgreSQL, on the other hand, scales nicely to handle up to 100 concurrent instances at a rate of over 600 requests per second.

As more multi-processor servers come online, scalability will become an increasingly important problem for MySQL. No matter which one you use, however, you can use Python to manage databases with ease.
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