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Advanced Applications of Python - Learn Python - About.com
These pages discuss various advanced applications of Python. ... If you are looking for a first or second project to finish after you have learned Pytyon, follow  ...
Advanced Home Chemistry Projects - About.com
This is a collection of chemistry projects that you can do with everyday household materials that either require adult supervision or else are a little more involved ...
Advanced Soap Making Projects - Advanced Candle Making Projects
Advanced soap and candle making projects including an in depth discussion of aromatherapy and a tips to starting your own soap or candle business.
Advanced Projects - Weather & Climate at About.com
Design and build a weather experiment to test the shape of raindrops falling in the atmosphere. Advanced project directions and materials are suitable for ...
Chemical Volcanoes - Chemistry Projects - About.com
... an eruption using chemicals. Here's a collection of volcano projects for you to try. ... A lava lamp is a terrific advanced chemistry project! - emac images, Getty ...
Sewing Projects Index - Sorted by Degree Of Difficulty -- Advanced ...
These projects are for the individual who has a good grasp on sewing, experience with patterns, fabric handling and sewing terms. They have a good supply of ...
Fun Homemade Fireworks Projects to Make Yourself - Chemistry
You can customize this firework so that each star is a different color or displays a different effect. This is a slightly more advanced project, so give it a try after you ...
10th Grade Science Fair Projects - Ideas - Chemistry - About.com
10th grade science fair projects can be fairly advanced. 10th graders can still seek help from parents and teachers, but by 10th grade most students can identify ...
Ideas for 12th Grade Science Fair Projects - Chemistry - About.com
Most 12th grade science fair projects will involve proposing a hypothesis and testing it with an experiment. Advanced models and inventions offer other options  ...
How To Make a Real Lava Lamp - Chemistry - About.com
A lava lamp is a terrific advanced chemistry project!. emac images, Getty Images ... a flammability hazard, this project is not intended for young or inexperienced ...
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