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Advanced Applications of Python - About.com
These pages discuss various advanced applications of Python. ... If you are looking for a first or second project to finish after you have learned Pytyon, follow  ...
Advanced Home Chemistry Projects - About.com
This is a collection of chemistry projects that you can do with everyday household materials that either require adult supervision or else are a little more involved ...
Sewing Projects Index - Sorted by Degree Of Difficulty -- Advanced ...
These projects are for the individual who has a good grasp on sewing, experience with patterns, fabric handling and sewing terms. They have a good supply of ...
Advanced Soap Making Projects - Advanced Candle Making Projects
Advanced soap and candle making projects including an in depth discussion of aromatherapy and a tips to starting your own soap or candle business.
Arduino Project Ideas - New Tech - About.com
These five project ideas combine the Arduino platform with an array of technologies from across many ... Intermediate to Advanced Level Arduino Projects.
Free Sewing Patterns and Projects for All Levels of Difficulty
Don't let fear stop you from diving in to a sewing project! Start simple with beginner sewing projects and work your way up to intermediate and advanced projects ...
Chemical Volcanoes - Chemistry Projects - About.com
Chemical volcanoes are a lot of fun to make. There is more than one way to make an eruption using chemicals. Here's a collection of volcano projects for you to ...
Sewing Projects Index - Sorted by Degree Of Difficulty - About.com
These projects are geared to the individual who has some very basic sewing skills and has a very basic understanding of sewing terms. Advanced Projects.
3 Advanced Open Source Projects for Home Security
If you're tired of the same old Raspberry Pi projects, it's time to get serious and take your maker skills to the next level.
How To Make a Real Lava Lamp - Chemistry - About.com
Aug 27, 2014 ... A lava lamp is a terrific advanced chemistry project!. emac images, Getty ... this project is not intended for young or inexperienced inventors.
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