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How To Create A HTML Calendar In Python Dynamically - About.com
The calendar module itself depends on the datetime module. But we will also need datetime for our own purposes, as we will see. So we should import both of  ...
The 'for' Loop Examined - About Python
The calendar module prints a '0' for every date in the table that does not have a valid value. A blank value would work better for our purposes so we print the ...
Import Modules - About.com
Modules are pieces of Python code that you import into your programs. When taken from the Python Standard Library, these are boiler-plate functions that are ...
Web Development - About.com
These tutorials teach you how to process CGI data in Python as well as developing web applications. In addition to modules like cgi and cgitb, web application ...
Create a simple calendar with PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
PHP calendars can be very useful. You can do things as simple as showing the date, and as complex as an online booking system. In this tutorial we will show ...
Advanced Applications of Python - About.com
We will cover topics like creating online calendars in Python and developing games. If you think ... Creating one is a snap with Python's calendar module. Share.
PHP Calendar - How to Create a PHP Calendar Video
PHP calendars can be used for everything from simply displaying the date to creating complex reservation systems. See the steps to starting your own PHP ...
Space - Astronomy Desktop Wallpaper - About.com
Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., lunar module pilot, walks on the surface of the Moon near a leg of the ... Space - Astronomy Desktop Calendar from About Space.
NameError: uninitialized constant Object::Something
Solution: You've most likely referred to a class or module that doesn't exist. Most likely, you've forgotten to require a gem or library needed for the code to work, ...
C Acronyms - About Space and Astronomy
... and Display Unit to Communications Control and command interface control to Control Valve Module. ... ccm: Crew/Cargo Module ..... CY: Calendar Year
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