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Programming CGI With Python - Python
This tutorial discusses how to use Python to receive and process data from the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). It assumes that you are familiar with CGI ...
Accessing CGI Form Data - Python - About.com
CGI passes information to Python in the form of a class called FieldStorage. In your Pythonic CGI script, you must create an instance of FieldStorage in order to  ...
Testing CGI With Python - Python
Testing CGI scripts can be a tedious task, especially when you do not know the environmental variables under which you are programming. Here is a simple ...
CGI Resource Index Programs and Scripts
Thousands of CGI scripts, written in C/C++, Perl, and more exist for your use!
CGI Scripts - Writing and Using CGI - Web Design/HTML - About.com
CGI scripts allow you to add forms, and other user defined content to your pages. Writing a CGI program or script is similar to writing any other C program or Perl ...
What is CGI and How Do You Use It? - Web Design
This article will explain what is CGI and how do you use CGI. It covers CGI for the Web, also known as the Common Gateway Interface. CGI is what you use to ...
Using Forms and CGI - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The most common use of CGI on a website is to automate forms. When you write a form, it will not work unless there is a program running on the back end to ...
Programming Perl CGI Scripts & Web Software - Perl
Learn everything about creating web sites in Perl, from simple CGI scripts to Web Frameworks.
Using CGI to Upload Files - Web Design/HTML - About.com
File upload in Perl can be somewhat tricky, but here is a simple way to do it.
CGI & Web - Perl - About.com
Perl tutorials and resources with a specific focus on web technologies like email, aimbots and CGI.
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