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Beginning Python: Data Types - About.com - Learn Python
This beginning tutorial is part of a series for learning the fundamentals of Python. It covers the data types used in Python.
SQL Server Data Types - About Databases
Selecting appropriate data types is one of the most important considerations when designing a SQL Server database. Choices you make in the database design ...
Understanding the VB.NET Data Types - About Visual Basic
You may be wondering whether VB.NET data types are really that important. If you are, consider this quote from the O'Reilly book by Steven Roman, Ph.D., Ron  ...
Primitive Data Types in Java Programming - About.com
The Java language provides eight primitive data types that define simple values a program can use.
Exact Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - About Databases
The exact numeric data types are the most common SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. The approximate numeric data types provide less ...
Beginning Perl Tutorial - Data Types: Scalars - About.com - About Perl
A tutorial on the first of three basic data types in Perl, the scalar.
Data Types - About.com - About Perl
In the case of Perl, the term data type actually refers to a broader grouping of information. At it heart, Perl really only has a single data type - the scalar - but most ...
Approximate Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - About Databases
The approximate numeric data types are not as commonly used as other SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. The exact numeric data types ...
Binary Data Types in SQL Server - About Databases
Binary data types allow you to store any type of binary data, including entire files of up to 2GB. They include binary, varbinary, image and bit.
Perl Absolute Beginners Guide - Lesson Two - About.com - About Perl
Perl Absolute Beginners Guide - Learn about Perl data types.
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