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Comparison Operations - Python - About.com
Python's comparison operations are pretty straightforward. ... Comparisons between objects of different types, except different numeric types and different string ...
Numeric Types and Operations - Python - About.com
Numbers are created by numeric literals or as the result of built-in functions and operators. Unadorned integer literals (including hex and octal numbers) yield ...
Bit String Operations - Python - About.com
The priorities of the binary bit-wise operations are all lower than the numeric operations and higher than the comparisons; the unary operation "~" has the same ...
Comparison Operators - How to compare values in Perl - Perl
We've already discussed the difference between the Perl numeric comparison operators and the Perl string comparison operators, which can cause some ...
Excel 'If' Function Comparison Operators - Spreadsheets - About.com
There are six comparison operators that can be used in a spreadsheet's IF function logical test argument. These operators are used to test for numerical equality ...
Definition for the Term: Arithmetic Operator - Java - About.com
Arithmetic operators perform the same basic operations you would expect if you used them in mathematics (with the exception of the percentage sign). They take  ...
Comparing values in Perl - Perl
For example, your program may be counting the number of occurrences of a ... Numeric: == String operator: eq. Not equal to. Numeric: != String operator: ne.
Overloading Operators - Ruby - About.com
What does a + b mean? That all depends on what 'a' is. Ruby allows you to define a number of arithmetic operators and they're called on the left-hand side of  ...
What Are Arithmetic Operators (Exel Terms)?
Definition of the term arithmetic operators. ... An arithmetic operator is the symbol or sign that represents a mathematical operation in an Excel spreadsheet ...
JavaScript Making Decisions - Comparison Operators
JavaScript uses a number of operators to handle the comparisons that need to be made between two fiends.
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