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Modules - Part 1: Importing Modules From the Python Library - Python
Some important Python modules are 're' for pattern matching (i.e., regular expressions), 'string' for string handling, 'sys' for system-specific functions, and 'os ' for ...
Python Built-In Modules: Boolean Operations - Python - About.com
Boolean operators are a significant part of Python programming. Here is a reference on how to use them.
Importing Modules for Network Programming in Python - Python
Network programming in Python requires only two modules to make a very practical and powerful program: sys and socket.
Importing Modules and Assigning Values - Python
The purpose of this Hello World tutorial is to take a simple program and build upon it to illustrate the various elements of the Python language.
Modules - Part 2: Importing Functions From Your Own Programs ...
This assumes that the programs do not have the same names as Python modules . When the Python interpreter is told to import a module, it checks both the ...
Comparison Operations - Python - About.com
Python's comparison operations are pretty straightforward. Here is a reference to them with a bit of detail that you may not know.
Python Built-In Modules: Truth Value Testing - Python
Truth value testing is a binary by nature. Either something is or is not. Every object in Python may be tested for its truth value. This test then forms the protasis of ...
Deprecated Functions in Python's String Module - Python - About.com
Python's string module offers a bevy of functionality. Some of it, however, has been moved to the built-in string methods. Here are the functions that are ...
String Formatting Operations - Python - About.com
Python's string formatting operations are important to know for most any program that you write. Here is a comprehensive guide to them.
Python Programming - Python Library Modules - Getting Login ...
Accepting login information in plain text is inherently dangerous from the persepctive of computer security. Fortunately, Python has the getpass module which ...
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