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How Python is Used - About Python
Python is a general purpose programming language that is able to be used on any modern computer operating system. It may easily be used for processing text,  ...
What is Python? - About Python
This series of pages discusses what Python is, why one would want to use it, and how it differs from other programming languages.
Learn Python - Tutorials and Tips
Python is one of the most powerful and popular dynamic languages in use today and is easy to learn.
Web Development - Python - About.com
These tutorials teach you how to process CGI data in Python as well as developing web applications. In addition to modules like cgi and cgitb, web application ...
Advanced Applications of Python - About.com
These pages discuss various advanced applications of Python. As such, they are oriented toward the intermediate and advanced programmer. We will cover ...
A Brief History of Python - About Python
A Java-based version of Python exists in Jython and may be used to work with Java code natively. Iron Python, a C# version, exists for the .Net and Mono ...
Beginning Python Programming - Python Tutorials for Beginners
This series of tutorials is intended to help anyone learn to program in Python. ... There are two ways to do this: using a Python shell and calling the Python ...
Using Lambda Calculus in Python - About Python
Lambda calculus can be used to design just about any kind of function you might ... Prior to object-oriented programming and the creation of Python, one of the ...
Reserved Words Are Key - Python - About.com
No one programs in the language that the computer itself uses (binary). ... When the Python interpreter or computer reads them, it triggers a response, an action.
Using Shelve to Save Objects in Python - About Python
Python's shelve module is a powerful way to include persistence and to save objects in an easy-access database format. Here is how to open, assign value to,  ...
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