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Part 2: Getting Feed Information From the Data File With Python


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This is NOT the Beginning

This tutorial is the second in a series that will build a Python-powered RSS Reader for use on a website. If you have access to a web server -- whether on your personal PC or on a remote hosting service, you can put this application up and let it run.

The previous tutorial laid the groundwork for this project. We created a three-frame web page that holds the menu of feeds , the returned feed's headlines, and the articles accessed from the headlines. We also created the PHP script that will act as a go-between for the web page and the Python backend to communicate. Finally, we took a look at the semi-colon delimited data file . If you missed any of those, you will need to go to their respective pages (follow the links) before progressing with this tutorial. What's more, if you find yourself out of your depth with any part of this tutorial, you may want to read my tutorials on learning Python . There is a tutorial for every level: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

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