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Beginning Python

Beginning Python is currently the best book for the beginning programmer. If you learn better from a book than a screen, this is the best place to start.

Python Spotlight10

Python-Powered Port Scanner

Port scanning is a valuable facility for network programming as well as security testing for your network. Here is how to build a port scanner in Python.

A Guide to Text vs Data in Python 3.0

The difference between text and data is critical for programming in Python 3.0. Understanding this all-pervasive difference and how it relates to your programming will save you a lot of debugging time.

Transitioning from 2.x to 3.0

With the release of Python 3.0, the number of projects that are built on a 3.x interpreter and that break compatibility with the 2.x series and before will only increase. The points of incompatiblity vary in importance, but your 2.x coding style is almost guaranteed to be incompatible on some level. Here is a series of helps to ease your transition into the world of Python 3.0.

Algorithms in a Nutshell

Algorithms in a Nutshell is a handbook of the most commonly used algorithms for a large variety of problems. There are not many areas untouched by the algorithms and wisdom shared by the authors in this book.

Python for Unix and Linux System Administration

Python for Unix and Linux System Administration is an excellent survey of how to use Python to administer Linux and Unix systems.

String format ting: a New Method for print() ing

With the advent of Python 3.0, one of the biggest changes that many have noted is the change of the print statement to a print function, print(). As noted

Object-Oriented Programming in Python

Object-oriented programming in Python is a good introductory textbook for learning object-oriented programming using the Python language.

Beginning Python - 2nd Edition

Beginning Python is fast becoming a classic introduction to the language. Here is my review of the second edition of Hetland's book.

Practical Django Projects

Django is as close as one can get to a 'standard' web framework for Python. This book mentors you through three real world projects and illustrates best practices for developing with Django.

"Hello, World!" in Python With Tkinter

Most every modern application has a graphic user interface (GUI). For Python, Tkinter is the most commonly available graphic interface toolkit simply because it comes with every installation of Python. This introduction shows how to say "Hello, World!" with Tkinter.

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